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Tip! Create arrows in Photoshop

by The Photoshop Daily Team. 11 Jan 2011

Learn how to create your own bespoke arrows in Photoshop

In addition to using an arrow to actually point to something, why not have a go at creating a whole piece of art using them? They are especially suited to retro-style illustrations.

Tip! Create arrows in Photoshop

You might need to create arrows for a project and think that Photoshop can’t create arrowheads on the end of lines, but you’re wrong. There’s no need to faff about with drawing lines and adding little triangles onto the end. A much simpler way is just to go to the Shape tools in the Tools bar and pick the Line tool. In the Options bar, click the down-facing arrow and you’ll see a dialog where you can click a checkbox to add the elusive arrowheads to your lines. You can even set how big they should be. Arrows are so handy in all sorts of design that it’s worth knowing how quickly and easily you can create them.

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    • http://russel Russel Ray

      It would be helpful to know what version of Photoshop this is for. I’m using CS6 and your screen looks nothing like my screen, so I went to CS5. Still doesn’t look anything alike. Yet your post date in January 2011.

    • Neeks

      CS 5 on PC looked the same for me. its under then Pen tool, and you click the line tool, and then use the little pulldown tab.

      Best of Luck Russel.

    • Nadya

      I’m using CS6, and i found that button under the line tool icon. It’s called ‘Custom shape tool”. All u have to do is set your size and click on your screen and drag. Hope it works :)

    • Trieu

      Thanks, I tried on a CS2, still worked OK.