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Master Manga facial expressions

by Adam Smith. 23 Dec 2012

Discover how every line has a meaning and evokes a different feeling

Facial shapes

The shape of a face can mean different things. A longer, slender face with smaller cheekbones and a sharper chin is more mature or feminine. A rounded, chubby face with rounded cheeks and chin suggests a clumsy but cute character.

Master Manga facial expressions


Eyes can be interpreted in many ways. Smaller, darker and longer eyes suggest a sultry attitude. Full, long eyebrows can be manipulated to carry all kinds of expressions. Bright, shiny, large eyes are innocent, cute and cuddly. Arching eyebrows can also accentuate a sweet and cheerful face.

Master Manga facial expressions


Noses tend to be very small and do not evoke too much expression. Manga artists keep them out of the way. That doesn’t mean they can’t be part of the visual narrative, though. Our sexy sorceress has a perky, long nose that fits her slender face, but our innocent character has a tiny cute nose.

Master Manga facial expressions

Mouth and expression

A mouth when smiling mysteriously, they are small and demure, only a few lines to suggest full lips and a little smirk. When laughing, though, a manga mouth can form a perfect triangle to fit a happy face.

Master Manga facial expressions

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