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Wacom Cintiq 24HD review

by Adam Smith. 27 Mar 2012

Wacom’s high-definition LCD performance monitor

Wacom Cintiq 24HD review

The Cintiq 24HD is the largest that Wacom currently has to offer but does bigger necessarily mean better? In this case you better believe it!

The Cintiq 24HD has come a long way since its predecessor – the Cintiq 21UX. That model was pretty big, but Wacom has clearly been listening to user needs.

Appreciating that the delineation of a screen is of utmost importance to the digital creative, Wacom has excelled in providing a 16:10 aspect ratio, 1,920 x 1,200 HD display with an impressive 178-degree viewing angle.

With professionals operating in the entertainment industries mostly working on widescreen displays, 21-inches just doesn’t quite cut it these days and they need higher resolution, which this tablet addresses.

This monster of a device weighs in at 40KG, however it’s extremely agile when situated. Sacrificing the rotation of the 21UX, as it’s true most professionals tend to use rotation in their software rather than hardware, the new ergonomic stand allows users to manipulate this device through beautiful die-cast arms.

The device looks to maximise your comfort when in use, being able to stably perch on the edge of any desk and permitting you to work in-lap. It can also be folded to a flat position just two centimetres off the desk – a far cry from what the 21UX could manage.

Further improvements include a hardened glass plate with anti-glare, so you can work in well-lit areas. The screen has even been designed to be removable in the event of scratch emergencies, which keeps maintenance costs low.

New controls are integrated onto the screen display, meaning fewer but larger keys for quicker shortcut operation. The power switch and LED lights are now hidden cleverly behind the screen – something that sufferers of the sticky-tape-over-the-lights scenario with the 21UX, to black out pesky light interference, will appreciate.

One possible disappointment is that the pen technology is comparable with the Intuos 4. You would expect a machine this big to perhaps upgrade this technology.

However, rest assured this is the highest level Wacom have available, so you’re not strictly getting short changed – It features 2,048 pressure levels and minimised activation force of less than one gram.

The Cintiq 24HD also shows innovation with built-in pipes to manage heat with a small internal fan. So it’s comfortable and you’ll feel right at home with it on your desk, with enough room for your keyboard to fit snug under the display.

Priced at around £150 higher than the 21UX, it’s hard to find reasons not to see this technical feat as value for the money.

It’s pricey but it’s beautiful and will undoubtedly delight digital and matt painters using Photoshop in the entertainment industries and larger studios.

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