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Paper by Fifty Three

by Adam Smith. 1 Dec 2012

Immerse yourself in digital sketching with this authentic stylus application

Paper by Fifty Three

Free app, Paper, encourages idea generation with a fun set of digital styluses.

These replicate real-world application as well as we’ve experienced.

However, only two come as standard, with the other four costing you £1.50 each. Considering the expense of physical materials this is a reasonable cost.

There are nine colours to select from, which may seem quite limited to Photoshop users but this isn’t all you’ll find frustrating. Making marks with the stylus is fixed and there’s no option to increase the tool size.

In fact there are very few options associated with this app. You can’t zoom to scrutinise your drawings and there’s no layering functionality, which makes precise mark-making a must.

However, the Undo functionality is operated with an entertaining anti-clockwise touch gesture, and it’s this gesture-based interface – along with the quick, responsive and cushy tools – that keeps you immersed in your creative flow.

The absence of any additional menus reinforces Paper’s simplistic mentality, which will have illustrative purists purring.

Paper by Fifty Three
In the main interface you’ll find your Journals. You can add hundreds of pages to these and even change the name and cover art in the Journal Settings.
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