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onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 6 review

by Adam Smith. 13 Apr 2012

This major upgrade introduces completely new products and next generation updates

onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 6 review

OnOne Software continuously sets out to provide photographers with the pre-eminent one-stop-shop for photo editing production, through its Perfect Photo Suite packages, and version six promises even more innovations.

The most notable upgrade in functionality is the software’s enhanced cross-platforming capabilities. Perfect Photo Suite 6 is now ready to use with Photoshop, Lightroom, and Apple’s Aperture.

This means that effects can be further enhanced and creative short cuts can be made to complement workflow.

However, it’s also available as a stand-alone program, offering further new built-in additions. The Perfect Photo Suite 6 interface houses everything you need, recognisable at a glance for previous users.

But even when unfamiliar with tools purposes, simply applying them in real time will mostly lead to instant comprehension.

The suite includes Perfect Portrait 1, Perfect Layers 2, Perfect Effects 3, Perfect Mask 5, Perfect Resize 7, and FocalPoint 2. Retouchers and photo editors will instantly be allured by the first and third examples, seeing significant advancements, with FocalPoint 2 beneficial in the postproduction phase.

Perfect Portrait 1 is operated through easy-to-use sliders. The Smooth control isn’t wholly destructive as with some other plug-ins, in fact operating with a degree of pore structure preservation.

This is far more reliable than the manual effects we’ve seen applied through Photoshop. The Blemishes slider acts almost like makeup foundation. However, Blemishes are best remedied with the tried and trusted Blemish tool, working much like Photoshop’s Clone Stamp tool.

Here, the SkinTune option has also become more operable through utilising sliders. The Warmth slider establishes effects with ranging cold to warm filters, as Color Shift intuitively re-establishes available settings in correspondence to your Warmth values. Throw in the Ethnicity drop options to give you a head start and establishing skin colour is near effortless.

The Facial Features option offers enhanced targeted detail, superior to other portrait effect software. Intuitively recognising eyes, teeth and mouth regions, it boosts sharpness and whitening. Doing this independently leaves more room for play, and less time spent on production with masking and isolating effects in Photoshop.

Perfect Effects 3 gives you a huge library of over 300 effects to choose from, with some favourites retained from previous PhotoTools software. Some are more applicable than others, all are categorised into familiar themes.

But what reinvigorates this option is its live previews of your effect preset – once one is applied to your layer stack, presets transform to show what consequent effects will look like through their additional application.

These are but a few of the more relevant creative additions for photo editors, also including Perfect Layers 2’s new Image Browser, blending modes and layer stack capabilities, Perfect Mask 5’s Keep and Erase tools, which automatically expand your brush stroke to similarly-coloured and textured areas, and FocalPoint 2’s multiple Focus Bugs that define image areas.

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