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Adobe’s Photoshop Express app review

by Simon Skellon. 7 Apr 2011

We take a look at the Photoshop Express app in our review to uncover what all the fuss is about

Adobe’s Photoshop Express is aimed at giving users the ability to access and edit photos wherever they are. To do this, you can set up an account at and use that to store, edit and share your images. The Photoshop Express app (also available for Android users) enables anyone to do this from their mobile device and is a quick and easy way to improve and share photos.

After installation, you can grab photos either from your online account or from your Photos area. Chances are you will want to edit the image in some way, and there are a decent amount of options available. You can perform a simple crop, straighten, rotate and flip. This works in the same way as Photoshop, so it’s nice and familiar. You can also perform other essential image edits such as fixing exposure, editing saturation, boosting contrast, converting to black and white or applying a tint. All of these are performed by a simple ‘slide across the screen’ action. You swish one way to enhance the effect and the other way to lessen it; although with the Tint option, you swish to pick the colours you want to use.

Adobe's Photoshop Express app review

In addition to these meat and potatoes edits, there is also a sprinkling of more creative effects.  You have a choice of Sketch, Soft Focus and Sharpen filters, in addition to preset looks such as Vibrant, Pop, Warm Vintage and White Glow. The effects can be applied with just a click and the ever-present Undo option means you can easily make a hasty retreat from an edit if it isn’t quite what you originally planned.

Applying the edits is pleasingly quick, with  everything taking place in a nice big interface so you can see what is happening. Once you are happy with your edits, you can choose to upload them, either to your account or to your Facebook page.

Adobe's Photoshop Express app review

Photoshop Express makes it easy to tweak your photos on the go, or to quickly share images with others. It is easy to use and the fact that it’s free makes things even better!

Verdict: 8/10


Tweak images wherever you may be

Simple methods of editing

Free download


Could do with a few more effects

Head to for the latest version of the app for both iOS and Android devices.

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