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Photoshop CS6 Beta’s non-destructive Crop tool

by Simon Skellon. 30 Mar 2012

From large differences such as new lens Blur filters to smaller additions such as a simple tool option, Photoshop CS6 Beta has plenty to offer

Unlike before, when you cropped an image, the parts that were removed would be gone for good. But things have changed, and for the better, as you can choose to keep these areas available for use again.

Select the Crop tool and then head to the Options bar. You’ll actually see a bundle of other additions for this tool, such as Straighten and View, but after these lies the option Delete Cropped Pixels.

Leaving this box unticked means cropped areas are kept, though hidden as if they actually had been removed. Use the Move tool to reposition the image and bring back parts cropped, in case you change your mind at any point down the line.

Photoshop CS6 Beta Crop tool



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    • Heather


      Just to let you know, the “hide” rather than “delete” crop feature has been available in Photoshop for a number of versions. To bring back the “hidden” pixels, go to “Image”>”Reveal All.