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Photoshop CS6 Beta interface comparison

by Simon Skellon. 22 Mar 2012

Plunge Photoshop CS6 Beta into darkness, or keep it looking like it always has done – here are the four interface themes side-by-side

Among a host of new features and tools in the exciting Photoshop CS6 Beta release, another change that’s been made is to its interface’s themes, of which may or may not be a welcomed one.

The design difference means working with a darker interface recesses tools and palettes into the background, emphasising the artwork being edited. However, the lighter grey theme may feel more comfortable, if this is what you’ve been used to.

The interface can be set to four shaded themes. From working with slate-black palettes and filters to experiencing a more familiar light grey interface that we all know and have come to love; they are all accessed through the Preferences>Interface.

Photoshop CS6 Beta interface colours


The near-black interface is designed to keep your eyes focused more on the image. The lighter it goes the more everything else comes forward into your peripheral.

You can still customise the canvas area colour independently from Photoshop’s theme.

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Photoshop CS6 Beta
Black interface


Photoshop CS6 Beta interface comparison
Dark grey interface


Photoshop CS6 Beta interface comparison
Medium grey interface


Photoshop CS6 Beta interface comparison
Light grey interface



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