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by Adam Smith. 27 Jun 2011

Turn your iPod nano into a timepiece with the Carbon Collection

Apple devices are always a big hit among creatives, especially when providing the chance to modify and personalise them. So it was never going to be long before the ever-more popular iPod nano got its own cool sidekick-cum-accessory: enter the iWatchz Carbon Collection.


With a black leather strap in a variety of colour stitching according to your iPod colour (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, White, Black and Silver), the Carbon collection transforms your beloved sixth-generation iPod nano into a practical, fun and stylish timepiece all at the flick of a wrist.


Essentially this cool accessory disguises your nano device as a super-sleek, high-end, premium timepiece awaiting your every command. Music, podcasts, photos and more are now all conveniently and readily available in an impeccably designed wristband. It’s as easy as press, slide and click.

For a $40 upgrade (coming in at $90) you can purchase one of the more decorative examples from the Timepiece collection, and those of you looking for a more economic solution may prefer the soft silicone bands from the Q2 collection, with silver anodised aluminium iWatchz clips (sold at $40).


The Carbon Collection is available at $50 from All other editions can be found on the site.

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