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Getty Images presents the latest 27Letters

by Adam Smith. 6 Oct 2011

‘A Letter From Paula Scher’, talking in pictures, illustrating through visual trends

Getty Images’ 27Letters is a dedicated website for creatives that showcases the visual trends that are currently setting the global visual conversation. There latest project, “A Letter from Paula Scher”, features renowned graphic designer, Paula Scher. This latest edition  takes a deeper look into everyday insights, by profiling thought leaders within the visual space – Paula Scher is the first of several executives to share insight on camera, related to visual understanding, communication and ideas.

Getty Images presents the latest 27Letters

credit: Getty Images / Paula Scher

Collated alphabetically and updated every few days, 27Letters was first launched in 2010. The initiative features insights into the most used, referenced and talked-about visual trends in the media space, from over 250 influential media sites and opinion-forming blogs, providing “bite-sized” reports on the latest visual content. Eaasentially  27Letters identifies the latest visual ideas and trends that will shape the imagery of tomorrow and present them in a way that’s easy to consume.

In addition to showcasing global visual trends in the form of easily-digestible reports, 27Letters presents creatives with the innovative trends that truly matter. Snapshots of a few of the trends to be featured within the new 27Letters collection include:

· P is for Preppy: It’s hard to imagine at this moment in time, but next year we will be swimming in Preppy. Baz Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and a voiceover by Tobey Maguire, will launch 1920s fashions. An early twist on this is Masaya Kuroki’s Spring 2012 collection for French label Maison Kitsune. Better dig out that boater and blazer.

· U is for Ultra-Man: Masculinity in advertising gets evermore magnified in Old Spice’s face-off between Isaiah Mustafa and Fabio. These cartoon versions of maleness, trading mock-insults, has reeled in viewing numbers via Twitter questions from users. There’s a lot of mock-heroic “hyper-masculinity” around in ads at the moment. It gives licence to a certain amount of vanity. Expect more exploration of imagery around masculinity.

· W is for Wonder: As the Atlantis completed its final mission, the Big Picture ran this visual homage to the last space flight. This image of the International Space Station and Atlantis – the Russian Soyuz is docked on the left, with the earth in the background, captures the sense of technological endeavour and the scale of human achievement. Space imagery will still tug emotional strings around wonder.”

Content featured on 27Letters is regularly refreshed, providing insightful analysis of the latest visual ideas from advertising, architecture, art, design, fashion, film and photography. The latest 27Letters collection can be viewed online at

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