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Five top Adobe apps for the new iPad

by Simon Skellon. 10 Apr 2012

With the new iPad now in the hands of many digital artists, you may be wondering where does Photoshop fit into it all? Here’s a look at Adobe’s very own touch-sensitive offerings

1. Adobe Nav

The Adobe Nav app basically connects your new iPad to your desktop Photoshop. Artwork can be transferred from your image library on the iPad to edit in Photoshop. Bear in mind that this is only compatible with Photoshop CS5.

Your iPad will need to be on the same Wi-Fi connection as your desktop, so it can take a little setting up. But this is worth it for being able to edit off a shiny, touch-screen surface such as the new iPad.

Price: £1.49/$1.99US

Download from the iTunes App Store.

Adobe Nav app


2. Adobe Revel

Adobe Revel 1.1 is a subscription-based app for applying photo filters, cropping and altering brightness and colour in photos. It’s quick to use and images can be shared over the Cloud service.

Revel 1.1 was previously called Carousel, however it’s now compatible with the new iPad… well, almost anyway! Adobe are working on a version of the app where you can utilise the powerful retina display, which will be the icing on the cake.

Price: £3.99/$5.99US per month or £39.99/$59.99US per year

Download from iTunes App Store.

Adobe Revel app


3. Adobe Ideas

Ideas lets you sketch and design using the new iPad, and also eyedrop colour from images. The app has vector-based drawing tools, so you can transfer artwork not just into Photoshop but Illustrator, too.

You have ten layers to play with off the bat, but after those are all gone, there’s an additional layers feature that costs £0.69/$0.99US.

Price: £6.99/$9.99US

Download from iTunes App Store.

Adobe Ideas


4. Adobe Color Lava

Get your ‘paint’ on using Color Lava, with mixer-like tools for combining colourful smudges. The app allows you to design colour themes from a photo and create your own, to then take into Photoshop CS5 (but not earlier versions).

Connecting the app to your PC requires a wireless link and colour selections are automatically updated as your Foreground colour.

Price: £1.99/$2.99US

Download from iTunes App Store.

Adobe color lava

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

The latest update of Photoshop Express sees added features such as a border set of 22 frames to apply to images (additional £1.49/$1.99US in-app). Also, Flickr compatibility has been improved, so you can upload full-sized photos to your account.

Controls for improving photos include transform commands, exposure and colour adjustments, image effects (Rainbow, White Glow and Pop, for example) and now borders.

Price: Free (Camera Pack: £2.99/$4.99US in-app)

Download from iTunes App Store.

Photoshop Express

…6. And don’t forget, Photoshop Creative is available on your iPad!

You can read all our tutorials and advice in Photoshop Creative magazine on the beautiful retina display of the new iPad. Version 2.5 of our app has some essential fixes, available from the iTunes App Store now.

It’s free to download and magazine issues can be bought in-app from only £2.99/$3.99US.

Photoshop Creative app


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    • kstohl

      What about Photoshop Touch? This article seems about a year out of date with these apps. All of these apps have been out for quite a while and there are several new Apps available for the iPad not even mentioned. The pricing structure is wrong for Ideas, that is the old pre 2012 pricing.

    • Simon Skellon

      Most of these apps have been updated in the past couple of months so it’s all current. Appreciate I missed Touch, it too is a top app for the new iPad. The pricing structure for Ideas is the current displayed on iTunes.