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Dominance War V

by Adam Smith. 21 Oct 2010

The fifth instalment in a five-year legendary Olympic series hosted by

Dominance War V

Dominance War V, brought to you by, begins this time with  a global Pre-DomWar mini challenge, open to the public from 9 November 2010.

If you’re not sure what Dominance War is, then you’ll want to know. This is a non-profit, unique game art challenge, which is held online once a year and it originates from Montreal, Canada. It is the only event of its kind to bring together multiple awesome forums to compete for world champion standings in a grand Olympic-like setting. In Dominance War, artists are the athletes and online forums are their countries. It is a place that fosters the sharing of ideas and techniques and helps artists acquire new skills and new methods to achieve spectacular results. In 2010, more than ten online communities, five languages and over 50 nationalities will compete in the largest chapter in the series – Dominance War V. Over five million viewers have witnessed the event since its inauguration in 2006 and each year the number of participants, categories, viewers, finalists, etc, nearly doubles in size. In 2010, over 10,000 artists are expected to participate and more than 2,000 artists are expected to complete their entries to move on into the finals.

Dominance War VCopyright: Guangjian Huang

To celebrate this five-year achievement, Fredrik Hultqvist, founder and organiser, is proud to announce that, for the first time, Dominance War will be launched during a spectacular international event for games in Canada – the Montreal International Games Summit (MIGS). For seven years now, MIGS has provided a platform for developing and promoting skills and knowledge for video game professionals and, on a wider scale, for the interactive entertainment industry as a whole. In 2010, Dominance War will have a fifth celebratory chapter begin in an event that mirrors the basis for which it was created – to push creativity, to highlight achievements, to share knowledge and to award efforts of those who push themselves to become the best they can be. 2010 marks the beginning for what is expected to become a traditional event and the founder hopes that artists everywhere will enjoy what’s on the horizon for the long-awaited chapter, Dominance War V.

About the Pre-DomWar Challenge:
From 9 November, four intense weeks are coming…

The Pre-DomWar V challenge is an intense four-week prelim challenge with simple rules, image restrictions and guidelines. There are no personal WIP (work-in-progress) threads, rather, each competing forum has a single thread for Character 3D Art, Character Concept Art and Character Animation. Artists must submit their WIPs into their team’s allocated threads and, when it comes time to hand in finals, artists can find a submission link on their forums or at Pre-DomWar challenges are created to make friends and build up team spirit, because as a team, pros can help students and students can encourage pros. It is a winning combination and a seriously fun one to take part in. Insert what is surmounting to be an awesome topic for 2010’s Pre-DomWar challenge and, all I can say is, artists will be glued to their seats, popping energy drink caps and rushing home to get their work done. Seriously, the best topics have been saved for this  chapter – Dominance War V, so if you haven’t been sleeping lately, you had better get some rest before the floodgates open and all hell breaks loose this November.

How to Join:
Joining Dominance War is simple. Similar to how Olympic athletes compete for countries, artists must select a forum to compete for during Dominance War V. This forum/community choice is an official allegiance to that team, essentially locking an artist into that team for all of Dominance War V. Depending on the team you choose, you must incorporate its colours AND/OR logo into your entry submissions for each challenge. Bear in mind, this is a community vs community event, so if you are new to online posting in general, you should check out all the amazing forums involved.

Dominance War V

Copyright: Gabelko Bogdan

Why Enter Dominance War V?
Dominance War is more than a run-of-the-mill competition, it is a community event that embodies friendly competition, sharing ideas and driving skills to higher levels. When artists see others working together to help push each other forward, inspiration, courage, motivation, a will to succeed, determination, self-expression and many other things occur. And if that is not enough, there are great prizes to be had, along with letters of recommendations (for work visas), bragging rights, world recognition, portfolio-worthy artwork, magazine interviews, permanent exposure on and more. At the end of the challenge, if you can say “I made this” rather than “He/she made that”, it has been time invested in enhancing yourself, your skills and your online image. Rest assured, best art or not, student or professional, at the end of the challenge, pumped with adrenaline and enthusiasm, you will leave Dominance War with a feeling of accomplishment and sense of pride for a job well done.

Who can participate?
The competition takes place every year. It is addressed towards 3D character, animator and concept artists of all skill levels and it is always free for artists of all nationalities to enter. All you need is a computer for a weapon, a chair for a mount and a will to succeed.

For more information about MIGS, please visit:

For more information about Dominance War V, please visit:

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