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Adobe Photoshop CS6 discount

by Adam Smith. 25 Mar 2012

Photoshop CS6 special introductory pricing for CS3 and CS4 owners

Adobe’s latest upgrade policy has had some digital design slightly concerned.

If you haven’t heard then Adobe have restructered their versons-back policy. Now, to be entitled to an upgrade you must fall into the one-version back group.

This policy shift will be with immediate effect with the official launch of Creative Suite CS6.

But never fear, we bring good news for owners of earlier Photoshop CS editions.

Adobe will be offering CS3 and CS4 users special introductory pricing on the upcoming new CS6 single and volume licenses, when released later this year.

The special introductory offer will last until 31st December 2012.

For more information about the Creative Suite Upgrade Offer see here

Adobe Photoshop CS6 discount

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