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Photoshop Tip: Storing textures as Patterns

by Simon Skellon. 24 Feb 2012

You may like to store your textures in a separate folder, in a place that’s easily reached such as your desktop. But here’s how to keep textures close at hand and, more conveniently, inside Photoshop

Whenever you open a texture in Photoshop, go to Edit>Define Pattern. You don’t need to make a selection to use this option, so it’s very quick to apply each time.

Textures as Patterns
Use Define Pattern to instantly save textures into Photoshop

Now, when the time comes to choose a texture to overlay on to an image, simply go to Layer>New Fill Layer>Pattern.

The blend mode can be chosen as well as its layer’s name and Opacity, and then it’s a case of choosing your archived texture from the list of Patterns.

Textures are placed on to a new layer, and can be easily swapped with others at any stage just by double-clicking on its Fill Layer.

Pattern fill layer
Textures are now listed as thumbnails - archived for later use
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