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Photoshop CS6 Beta: The Properties palette

by Simon Skellon. 13 Apr 2012

Adobe has redesigned the way we use adjustment layers in Photoshop CS6 Beta. The Properties palette has been introduced as the ‘control centre’ for edits and masking

The Adjustments and Properties palettes are used together to apply changes to an image. Whereas before this was all done in Adjustments, the addition of an extra palette lets you flick between the adjustment’s Masks as well.

The Masks section of Properties contains the mask’s Density, so you fade the effect. Also, Feather is now part of this palette, to help blend the transition of the adjustment; a helpful feature that we’re pleased to see in CS6.

Properties in Photoshop CS6


The adjustment itself is also altered in Properties, leaving the Adjustments palette open all the time. Notice too, that the Properties palette can be resized both horizontally and vertically.

Properties in Photoshop CS6

With the Adjustments palette now static, you can add multiple adjustments and edit them separately in Properties.

Tip: If you’ve applied mulitple adjustments, use Alt/Opt [+] to quickly jump up and down the Layers palette, so your mouse can stay hovering over the Properties palette.

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